End of week 7: Assignments

The rewrite of the Primary Source Analysis is due on Sunday March 8, the other items are (as usual) due by the start of class on Tuesday.

  1. Rewrite your Primary Source Analysis based on the feedback you received. Include a brief paragraph describing how you responded to the feedback, and what you changed in your essay.
  2. Grand catch-up for blog post feedback: Go to the list on Canvas and find three blog posts from the previous weeks that have comments from fewer than two classmates in the hypothes.is group HST267. (Comments from me don’t count: they’re not “peer” review)
          • You can look at posts for week 6, but many earlier posts haven’t had a lot of attention, in particular if they were written after the initial due date. As always: remember the Architect’s model of giving feedback! Be kind, be specific, and provide concrete suggestions for improvement.
  3. Grand clean-up of your blog posts: Use the break to catch up, and to rewrite your posts based on the feedback you have received, and based on new insights you have developed. You can also add additional links and images.
  4. Create a Weekly Reflection responding to something we covered or read for the course in week 7:
        • add the blog post to the category HST267
        • Include the words week 7 in the title (you can personalize the title, as long as it includes these words: it helps me organize things on my end!)
        • Remember that the better reflections will respond to a specific text, object, or idea: provide concrete details and examples.
        • Include a reference to the text(s) you focus on, in Chicago notes and bibliography style.
        • Incorporate the feedback you received on earlier work to make this a stronger post than the previous one.
  5. Check in on the Pad to see if you can help out with any questions, or add your own questions arising from reviewing the course materials.
  6. Don’t forget to prepare for each class in the coming week: check the course schedule.

Then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz with the declaration.